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  • I would have died if fury said “there is only one bronze bummer” 🤣🤣🤣

  • hope he loses that one too so people finally realize this guy aint elite

  • The pen was a flipping dive

  • tony the type of guy, who brings his wife and sister and girlfriend to my house and tell me have fun brother.

  • United Blassic at the carpet lmao

  • Tony is beyond deluded. Hope or loses again.

  • Tony was pure class in this press conference

  • Holy... look at his arms

  • It’s tonnnnnyyyyyyy timmmmmmeeeee

  • Very inspirational. Notice how Gerrard was always focused on the job in hand. Steely eyed. Not messing about or showboating.

  • Dana White must've been clueless

  • I think Canelo is now the best pound for pound fighter in the world ! but Glolovkin won this fight narrowly .

  • first goal..........if in doubt boot it out !!!!!

  • This fight is what makes me think Charles will win

  • Only if they had such chemistry when they played for England football team 🤷

  • Khabib hates dislikes Tony cause he pointed out the laughing at homeless situation and calling out student lol funny as man!

  • i see no women here, only long hair dudes.

  • Congrats, coming from a man utd fan

  • How is John Romney’s half way line wonder goal not even in the top 20 nvm top 5

  • When Messi say itrriegegejeiroroekebeiro rio riloiejjsvafvananjag that show just be confident language is never a barrier and it is not shame to speak in your mother tongue 😊

  • N'GOLO is always on a move. Champions mentality

  • Womans football hahahaha

  • the commentators are such liverpool fans they are screaming when liverpool score and holding back tears when athletico score

  • He will do sweet FA in the FA Cup Final today. He is a spent force.

  • Hey Sunglasses 🕶 *Only one king in the jungle*

  • Wow 🤩

  • He's such a comedian 😂

  • 3:28 Happy N'golo:)

  • Psg move like proclubs when they aren’t winning

  • Tony definitely didn’t come up with Dana White privilege. Far too witty 😂

  • I think here' max viewers from India🇮🇳

  • 2:40 Tony quoting the Quran now. mashAllah brother Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear…” (Qur’an, 2:286)

  • He played against Real, twice & Man City and destroyed him... hungry!? what happens when he's full?

  • The juventus theme is really catchy lol

  • Pep is the greates

  • very very humble

  • Where is Zidane goal against Leverkusen? One of the best champions league goals of all time?

  • This was was Sterling was a non stop baller

  • Great Game!

  • I’m a Chelsea fan but love Klopp. Liverpool are very lucky to have him.

  • 69 *NICE* Messi still the GOAT

  • Tyler bate vs Walter Ilja vs Walter I can't decide which is better